EKO-KARPATY – Polish manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics and filters

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We produce nonwovens in the following technologies: SPUNBOND, needle punching and thermobonding. The technological processes we use allow us to achieve an evenly distributed material without gaps, and with a homogeneous structure.

SPUNBOND nonwovens are manufactured from high-quality polypropylene granules and masterbatches. Our nonwovens have Certificate of Health Quality. Thermobonded and needle punched nonwovens are produced by thermal combination of PES staple fibers and thermoplastic fibers. Our nonwovens are used in agriculture and horticulture, medicine and hygiene, furniture, construction, filtration, footwear, and automotive industry.

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Our nonwovens are certified with

Certificate of Health Quality issued by National Instute of Public Health.