EKO-KARPATY – Polish manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics and filters

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Over 30 years of experience in the production of nonwovens and filters

We produce high-quality SPOUNBOND, needle-punched, thermobonded nonwoven fabrics and filters for the automotive industry, air conditioning and ventilation systems, and household appliances.

Our products


We specialize in the production of SPUNBOND, needle-punched and thermobonded polypropylene and polyester nonwovens used in agriculture and horticulture, medicine and hygiene, furniture, construction, filtration, footwear and leatherwork, and as well as in the production of covers.


We produce automotive engine and cabin air filters for passenger cars and buses, HVAC filters for ventilation and air conditioning, and filters for home and industrial vacuum cleaners and kitchen hoods.


Polyester bags and sleeves are used in air filtration in various industries. Our multi-layer bags for home and industrial vacuum cleaners ensure high quality and efficiency of work.

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Posiadamy w naszej ofercie plandeki, które znajdują szerokie zastosowanie w różnych gałęziach przemysłu. Nasze wiatrowskazy znajdują zastosowanie na lotniskach, lądowiskach dla śmigłowców i na autostradach. Tkaniny i przędziny wykonujemy z materiałów naturalnych i syntetycznych


The EKO-KARPATY Group has its own research and implementation department

dealing comprehensively with the development and implementation of the production of new technologies and products. The company has its own laboratory, and in each of its production plants have devices enabling quality control of manufactured products. The company systematically modernizes its machinery and production processes and expands the range of its products.


production of nonwovens from continuous fibers

Needle - punching

production of nonwovens from staple fibers


production of nonwovens with usage if temperture


production of filters and nonwoven from filter materials


From a single fiber to millions of satisfied customers around the world

The founder of the EKO-KARPATY Group is Doctor of Engineering Jan Pąprowicz, scientist, researcher and academic teacher. Over the course of 30 years of activity, continuous investments and research and implementation work, the company has grown into an innovative enterprise with two production plants in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Tarnowiec and Głogów Małopolski.

Our customers are the companies operating in the following industries: agriculture and horticulture, medicine, hygiene and cosmetology, construction, filtration, automotive, household appliances, ventilation and air conditioning, footwear, upholstery and clothing. EKO-KARPATY is a valued manufacturer and supplier of products in Poland and abroad.

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Our production plants

Zakład Produkcyjny w Tarnowcu k. Jasła

Production plant in Tarnowiec near Jasło

Zakład Technitex w Głogowie Małopolskim k. Rzeszowa

Production plant in Głogów Małopolski near Rzeszowa

Why us?

A theory is worthless unless it is confirmed by many years of experience

Family owned business with Polish capital

Company focused on repeatable quality and customer needs

Speed ​​and flexibility in operation

Wide range of machinery with modern technologies

Certificates and quality management system

High-quality European raw materials used for production


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